Are You Ready to Rent?

Before booking your first showing, you'll need the right documents.

But FIRST, are you someone...

  • Who has NO pets?
  • With a credit score of 700 or better?
  • With good references from past & present landlords, that you pay your rent on time?
  • Whose minimum debt payments + expected rent (annually) = 40%, or less, of your gross income?

If you answered NO TO ANY of these questions, it may be easier to rent an off-market (not listed with an agent) property and apply to landlords yourself.

If you answered YES TO ALL 4 questions, and you are NOT already working with a REALTOR©, I may be able to help you.

Why do I need these documents before I can book a showing?

Properties listed by a REALTOR© (the kind I can help you with) are more selective about who they rent to. The landlord has hired a professional to screen tenants. Their agent won't even look at your application unless it is sent with the required documents. These documents take time to gather.

If you find a place you like, but you aren't ready to apply, someone else will rent it while you're chasing your boss and landlord for references. Being prepared means that won't happen to you. You'll be ready to apply immediately.

Here is what you'll need before booking your first showing:


Rental Application
  • Complete it for each applicant (includes co-signers). Two adults per form (use two forms if needed).
  • Leave date and the address you're applying for BLANK, so you can use it again if you need to.
  • Be honest and fill it out completely. Blanks = red flags for landlords.
  • Fill it out electronically if you can. If you must do it by hand, make sure it's easy to read.
  • Get the rental application here.
Copies of Identification
  • For each applicant (includes co-signers)
  • 2 pieces of government issued photo ID
  • Must NOT be expired
  • Photo or photocopy of front & back
  • I must verify the originals in person prior to placing an offer
Equifax Credit Report(s)
  • For each applicant (includes co-signers)
  • Full report, not just the score.
  • Whole document, not just screenshots
  • Current (update if older than 30 days before applying to the landlord)
  • Subscribe to get it instantly (cancel anytime), or get it free in the mail (5-10 days)
  • If subscribed: login, go to "Credit Report," and under "Personal Info," click the "PDF DOWNLOAD / PRINT" button
Letter(s) of Employment

For each applicant (includes co-signers).

I recommend that you use this helpful template I've provided for your boss:

Alternatively, you can request a letter from your employer that includes:

  • Date the letter was written (must be current)
  • Employer's name and address
  • Your start date and that you're still currently employed there
  • Your title, salary, bonus, and how often you are paid
  • Whether you are full or part-time, and how many hours you work in a week
  • Employer signature & contact info
Rental Reference(s)

Letter of reference from your current landlord. One from your previous landlord is also helpful, especially if you've rented from your current landlord for less than 2 years.

My recommended template to give to your landlord(s):

Alternatively, you can request a letter from your landlord(s) that includes:

  • Date the letter was written (does not need to be current if from former landlord, provided their contact info is current)
  • Landlord's name & address
  • The address & dates you rented from them
  • That you paid your rent in full, and on time
  • Landlord's signature & contact info

Additional Items

The above documents are the MINIMUM requirement. Some listings may require additional items, which we can gather if needed, such as:

  • Last 2 pay stubs
  • Copy of tenant's insurance

Finally, be ready to submit your deposit by certified cheque or bank draft within 24 hrs of your offer being accepted. The deposit will be the amount of first and last month's rent, but may be more (e.g. key deposit), depending on the agreement.

If you'd like my help finding a rental, please upload each document at the same time, using the button below. I'll reach out regarding next steps. Thanks for your cooperation.