I Help Preferred Tenants Rent Apartments and Houses in Durham Region

I can help you find a rental

Are you a PREFERRED TENANT looking for an apartment or house in Oshawa, Whitby, or Clarington?

I can...

  • send you a list of select rentals
  • inform you on the market and your rights
  • arrange showings
  • negotiate an offer that will protect you, yet be attractive to the landlord

What is a preferred tenant?

A preferred tenant is someone with:
  • NO pets
  • A credit score of 700 or better
  • Good references from landlords
  • Expected rent + min debt payments <= 40% of gross annual income [examples]

Why only preferred tenants?

The landlords who credit me your agent fees expect preferred tenants in return.

What if I don't qualify as a preferred tenant?

See the FAQ section, below.

the rental process - how it works. apply, show, offer

To apply, upload all documents required below.

Some are references that take time to gather. Doing this first enables you to place an offer immediately once you find the right place. Your offer won't get looked at without them.

Click each item for forms & templates:


1. Rental Application

  • Complete it for each applicant (includes co-signers). Two adults per form (use two forms if needed).
  • Leave date, rent amount, and address you're applying for BLANK, so you can use it again if you apply to more than one property.
  • Be honest and fill the rest out completely. Blanks = red flags for landlords.
  • Fill it out electronically if you can. If you must do it by hand, make sure it's easy to read.
  • Get the rental application here.

2. Copies of Identification

  • For each applicant (includes co-signers)
  • Government issued photo ID (preferably driver's licence)
  • Must NOT be expired
  • Photo or photocopy of front & back
  • I must verify the originals in person prior to placing an offer

3. RENTCHECK© Bundle

  • Purchase directly from the RENTCHECK© Store
  • Bundle includes 4 reports
  • One bundle required for each applicant
  • Co-signers must also supply their credit report & credit score report, to be uploaded with yours
  • All reports, including for cosigners, must be from RENTCHECK©. Equifax and Transunion credit reports will not accepted, due to an increase in rental fraud (people Photoshop them, but RENTCHECK© reports can be easily verified)

4. Letter of Employment

For each applicant (includes co-signers).

Use this helpful template I've provided for your employer, to make it easy for them:

If you're not using the template, request a letter from your employer that includes:

  • Date the letter was written (must be current)
  • Employer's name and address
  • Your start date and that you're still currently employed there
  • Your title, salary, bonus, and how often you are paid
  • Whether you are full or part-time, and how many hours you work in a week
  • Employer signature & contact info

5. Rental References

Letter of reference from your current landlord. One from your previous landlord is also helpful, especially if you've rented from your current landlord for less than 2 years.

My recommended template to send to your landlord(s):

If you're not using the template, request a letter from your landlord(s) that includes:

  • Date the letter was written (does not need to be current if from former landlord, provided their contact info is current)
  • Landlord's name & address
  • The address & dates you rented from them
  • That you paid your rent in full, and on time
  • Landlord's signature & contact info

Possible Additional Items

The above items meet the minimum requirements. Some listings may require additional items, which we can gather if needed, such as:

  • Last 2 pay stubs
  • Copy of tenant's insurance
  • Other items the landlord and their agent may require

Finally, be ready to submit your deposit by certified cheque or bank draft within 24 hrs of your offer being accepted. The deposit will be the amount of first and last month's rent, but may be more (e.g. key deposit), depending on the agreement.


What if I don't qualify as a preferred tenant?

You can still apply to off-market (not listed with an agent) rentals. Off-market rentals have NOT hired a professional REALTOR© to screen tenants. In most cases, you'll be dealing directly with the landlord, who may be more understanding.

For your convenience, I've listed some popular rental sites below. USE CAUTION with off-market rental listings. There can be fake listings, scammers, fire/building code violations and bad landlords.  A best practice is to never give a deposit or sign papers without seeing the property (including the interior) in person.

Can I apply with some of the documents now, and give you the rest later?

No. All of the documents listed on this page must be submitted before we book your first showing. You have to do it anyway before placing an offer, and it's better to know if there are any surprises before booking showings.

What does it cost for you to help me find a rental?

The landlord credits your entire fee (half a month's rent) to me when you move in. The catch is that I can only help you with properties listed by an agent, for that reason. However, that also increases your chances of renting a legal dwelling with a professional landlord.

Why don't I qualify if I have pets?

While in most cases it is illegal for a landlord to forbid pets in Ontario, you will be asked to disclose your pets on the rental application. No landlord prefers tenants with pets. In my experience, since they can't tell you it's why they won't rent to you, they'll just make up some other reason. While personally I love animals, when helping tenants find rentals, for business reasons I've chosen to work with preferred and pet-free tenants, who have a more realistic chance of getting an offer accepted.

What if I just lie about my pets on the rental application?

Then I can't represent you. While my loyalty and confidentiality are always to my clients, I still have a duty of care to treat the landlord and their agent with fairness, honesty and integrity.

What if I can't afford to rent?

This is a growing problem, and you are not alone. Here are some strategies that others are using:

  • Get someone to co-sign your application
  • Rent a room instead (share a kitchen, bathroom, etc. with a landlord or other tenants)
  • Split costs with a roommate
  • Relocate to a cheaper area
  • Stay with friends or family while you work on increasing your income
Please upload all files at the same time. I'll reach out regarding next steps.
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